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Activity Pages - NEW!

Hey, notebook hackers! V.2 of our four notebook hacking activity pages are now available for download. Please review before your event and share any feedback you have with us so we can get these as tuned-up as possible for Hack Your Notebook Day. Click images to download the PDF of each activity.

Download ZIP of all activity pages. (Last updated - 6.19.14)

Simple Circuit Activity - v2.2

Parallel Circuit Activity - v2.2

Simple Switch Activity- v.2.3

Level 1 Notebook Hack - v.2.2

Want a bit more structured guidance in putting together a notebook hacking event for your students or peers? With help from Chad Sansing, a Mozilla Webmaker Mentor and NWP teacher, we've put together a Teaching Kit that has everything you need from learning goals to illustrated step-by-steps to discussion questions to assessment criteria.

Want to customize for your own situation? Remix your very own notebook hacking kit! Learn more about Webmaker here.

Video Tutorials for Notebook Power Lead Construction

Available at This video teaches how to braid three strands of anything. 

Braiding (easiest)

PRO TIP - Add a splash (or two) of color by combining yarn or embroidery floss with your conductive thread.

Confused? Click Here: 

Knotting - Friendship Bracelet Style

PRO TIP - Add a splash of color by knotting yarn, embroidery floss or other materials with your conductive thread.

For written instructions and photos please visit:

Crochet - Chain Stitch

PRO TIP - Want to kick your chain stitch up a notch? Consider adding beads! - In this video, learn how to chain stitch crochet with beads.