STEAM-Learning: Inside Out (I/O)


- July 18-19: USPTO National Teacher Summer Institute, Michigan State University; "How Might We...." workshop on Invention and Innovation in the Classroom. 

- July 11-15: Teen Camp - Flash Memoir at UC Berkeley. A 21c Notebooking program offered by the Bay Area Writing Project.  See this short video for a look at a soldering activity hosted at UC Berkeley's Invention Lab.

- June 22: Celebration of Making with Paper Circuits for the National Week of Making, #NationOfMakers. Program offered by Manylabs and Children's Creativity Museum. Tickets for educators and information below

- June 15-17: TASSP & TESPA in Austin: Texas School Administrator Conferences with Molly Adams, National Writing Project Teacher Consultant and member of the North Star of Texas Writing Project 

SFUSD Maker Faire @ Presidio Middle School, 4/17/16


Circuit-making started off right at 1PM and didn't let up until after 4PM. Children and their families created circuit cards and templates, illustrated their projects and learned about the basics of electricity, switches, serial and parallel circuits. From the program description on the SFUSD School Loop event page:

The San Francisco Middle School Maker Faire takes its form each year by assembling the unique talents and interests of our students, families and local community. The overall theme may change year to year, but the folks who come will learn by doing, make new connections and leave inspired!

Learn by doing: Enjoy plenty of opportunities for hands-on DIY.

Make new connections: Experience genuine community building through person to person sharing, teaching and learning.

Leave inspired: Have fun, try something new and take these ideas home with you.

This year we will highlight S.T.E.A.M. which celebrates innovation and creation across the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music. (ok, it really it stands for Math.. but we are taking some creative liberties here).

Timelapse: 12 sec for 2.5 hrs, Room 135, the Design Lab at Presidio Middle School. SFUSD Maker Faire on 4/17/06. Credit: FBCole

Much appreciated help from Mimi Garfilnkel and Felix Cole (top) and volunteers, Gabby and Jonna (bottom). 

Much appreciated help from Mimi Garfilnkel and Felix Cole (top) and volunteers, Gabby and Jonna (bottom). 


LIGHT BULB MOMENT: STEAM Project Unites Math, Art and Electrical Engineering. 

Educators at the Treasure Island school in San Francisco Unified School District took part in a professional development workshop last summer and this winter worked with students to turn that experience into an integrated project activity.  

See the article, A BRIGHT HORIZON Lightbulb Moment: STEAM Project Unites Math, Art and Electrical Engineering to learn how teacher and students plotted graphs of two intersecting lines, designed circuits to light up intersection points, and turned them into perspective paintings.


Writing with Light: W. Pennsylvania Writing project experiments with paper circuitry

The 21st Century Notebooking Inquiry project has served as a natural springboard for teacher leaders to emerge within their schools while tinkering with multi-modal composition in the form of writing and flat copper tape, tiny batteries, LED lights, and microprocessors.

From the University of Pittsburgh School of Education: "The 20 educators who signed on to participate in the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project’s 21st Century Notebooking Inquiry Project, a Grable-sponsored exploration into paper circuitry, dove straight into “doing,” trying out first hand what they intended to teach others. The group represented various contexts: public, private, and charter, and nearby Latrobe, Hempstead and Franklin Regional districts. Paper circuitry, at its most basic, involves tinkering with copper tape, sticker LED lights, coin-shaped batteries, paper, pens, and art supplies to design and compose written texts that light up.

For the full article, click here.

Cityscape project by SFUSD Art Teacher at a paper circuitry workshop at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, December 2015.

Cityscape project by SFUSD Art Teacher at a paper circuitry workshop at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, December 2015.


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